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  • Importance of seeking a second legal opinion.

    The Importance of Seeking a Second Opinion in Your Criminal Case Seeking a second opinion when it comes to a medical diagnosis is fairly common. It does not necessarily mean you do not trust the doctor making the initial diagnosis; rather, it is simply prudent to investigate furt...

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  • How do Judges get to be Judges? A General Overview.

    Judges decide important issues in our lives. Some of us appear before Judges frequently, like lawyers and businesses. Some people appear before a Judge only once in their lifetime, criminal case. A frequently asked question is, "How did he/she get to be a Judge.

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  • Understanding Cyber Crime Criminal Defense

    Cyber Crimes - Defense Approaches and Strategies. Cyber Crime is different.

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  • Initial Attorney Consultation - Do's & Don'ts

    The first call is very stressful. You want/need help for yourself or a loved one. This guide will assist you.

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  • “How Many Years Am I Looking At?” – Why A Sentence Calculation Is Not That Simple

    Its a question every attorney gets asked in almost every case where jail time is a possibility: How many years am I looking at? Usually, clients seem to expect a simple answer: so many days, months, or years. A variation on this question is, What is the worst case scenario? But...

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  • Illinois CYBER CRIME - Defense appraoches & stratigies - CYBER CRIME IS DIFFERENT

    Cyber Crimes - Defense Approaches and Strategies. Cyber Crime is different. 1 What are Cyber Crimes? Cyber crimes are crimes that use Internet, computers and networks for illegal activities. Cyber crimes include Internet scams, Hacking, Internet Fraud, Copyright Infringement, an...

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  • Sentence Parameter Calculations in Illinois

    This is an outline of all the steps an attorney must take in order to determine how much prison time a defendant may end up serving in Illinois. Introduction One of the most common questions posed by

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    White Collar crime is one of the crimes du jour. White Collar crime is a generic term that includes many different types of criminal charges. List of White Collar Crimes Embezzlement, Theft from Empl

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  • Why are Sex Crimes different?

    Sex crimes are different than other crimes. The accuser is often motivated by emotional vengeance and/or financial gain. Motivation of the accuser in Sex crimes. The accusser is often motivated to re

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