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Judy A. Goldstein

Judy Goldstein’s Legal Guides

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  • Was I wrongfully terminated or suspended?

    Employees often ask whether their termination or suspension was illegal or improper. Wrongul Termination Illinois, like most states, is an at-will employment state. As such, the employer has broad di

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  • How is child support calculated?

    Child support guidelines are set by statute and are calculated as a percentage of net income: 20% for 1 child, 28% for 2 children, 32% for 3 children, 40% for 4 children, 45% for 5 children, and 50% for 6 or more children.

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  • Should I pay the civil demand letter?

    After a retail theft. many people receive civil demand letters. These letters often come from law offices who send them out in bulk and claim the person must pay a fine. That is rarely the case and the money demanded is falsely characterized as a fine. Read further for more details.

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  • Child Support in Illinois

    By statute, Illinois sets minimum guideline child support as a percentage of defined net income. Child support may deviate up or down depending upon the individual circumstances and must be reduced to a court order. Unless otherwise agreed, child support is to be deducted from the obligor's wages

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