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John Patrick Curnyn

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  • My son (illinoi residence) was charged in arizona in last nov and court date(pretrial conference) is on Jan.22nd.

    THe problem I have is that attorney could'n be reached since beginning of last Dec phone(answering machine) ,email,even fax... no answreing back for month. So we bought the ticket to Arizona(Chandler Municipal court) to appear in court(I inform...

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    I agree that you should hire another attorney. Think of hiring an attorney as like shoe need to be comfortable with the one you ultimately purchase. Same with attorneys. Also, you should be able to communicate with the attorney. Good luck.

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  • Should I hire a lawyer for my first dui? I blew at the police station breathalyzer but not when I got pulled over.

    i got pulled over by state police for speeding in the ticket it said 62/45 but there is not 45 limit where i got pulled over. I failed the FST but did not blow in the breathalyzer when I got pulled over. I did blew at the station breathalyzer wh...

    John’s Answer

    You will need to an attorney to represent you on this charge. A DUI is a Class A misdemeanor and the Court will require you to have an attorney. A DUI has two parts to it---the statutory summary suspension and the criminal charge. An attorney can assist you on both parts. An attorney can look for weaknesses in the case that may help rescind the statutory summary suspension, so you license is not suspended, or weaknesses on the DUI. An attorney will want to get the police reports related to the stop and the video. Based on that discovery and consultation wih you about what occurred, an attorney can advise you. Bottomline, you should hire an attorney to assist you. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me at 312.636.8997 and you may look at my website at

    John Curnyn

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  • What is the process for a diversion program/plea bargain?

    I got charged with 3 misdemeanors last night. 2 charges of possession and 1 charge of cannabis. (10-30 grams, 28 to be exact.) I have never been arrested before and would like to rid myself of the charges. I was extremely cooperative with the cops...

    John’s Answer

    Your first step is that you need to consult with a lawyer. It is hard to tell you your options on here. However, there may be many options for you. Depending on the facts of the case you may have a motion to suppress evidence, meaning that the police violated your search and seizure Fourth Amendment rights. That is just one example. Nevertheless, the next best step for you is to consult with a lawyer or lawyers. You need to be confortable with the lawyer you choose. Please feel free to contact me, if you would like, to step up a free consultation. My number is (312) 636-8997 and my office is located in Evanston on Main Street. My website is

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