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  • How do u keep an eye on a shady executer (stepdad) as the only heir (son) in Illinois Probate?

    My mother passed and I allowed my step father to be executor of her estate. I won't go into detail but we have never got along and I have always had a weird feeling about him. I am 4-5 months in to Probate and I never get to hear any of the acti...

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    As long as this estate is supervised administration, the executor must motion the court to sell the assets of the estate. The executor also must file an Inventory of the estate assets and provide an accounting. The beneficiaries will have to approve the Inventory and the Accounting before any distributions of the estate may be made. As a beneficiary of the estate you have a right to request an Inventory of estate assets and the executor must provide that Inventory within 30 days. If in fact you have very little information at this time, you may motion the court to have the executor provide to both you and the court the information requested. I would suggest that you retain an attorney who will file an appearance with the court on your behalf and make these requests for you. And if in fact the executor is acting appropriately, you have the right to motion the court to remove him.

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