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John Louis Fioti

John Fioti’s Answers

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  • Wat happen if you got caught shoplifting and it you first time in any trouble what happens when you attended court

    It was conside a felnoy

    John’s Answer

    Whether it was charged as a misdememanor or felony it is highly advisable ( and will likely be requested by the court) that you obtain legal representation. Either clasification is a jailbale offense and an experienced attorney will know the proper procedures to ensure your rights are protected. I advise that you hire a seasoned criminal defnse attoney immediately if you can afford one. If you can not afford one you may qualify for appointment of the public defender. Either way you should have an attorney.

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  • Can I can this sealed or expunged?

    I have a BATTERY MUNICIPAL ORDINANCE GUILTY CONVICTION on my record which i received a fine for can I get this expunged or sealed?

    John’s Answer

    First you will need to get yor entire criminal history from a fingerprint ID check. Next, you will need to bring all that info to an attorney to have him review the charges you are trying to get expunged and/or sealed to see if you qualify for either. The attorney may be able to have the municpal violation sealed but expungement may not be necessary if the conviction was not sent to the Illinois State Police. This answer applies in Illinois only and does not create an attorney client relationship.

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