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  • What happens if mediation did not resolve an issue of child custody battle?

    my ex to be filled for divorce and fighting custody of our 2yr old with me,he is currently unemployed,judge referred us to mediation class,if the custody issue is not resolved after mediation,what will be the next step?

    Michael’s Answer

    If there is issues unresolved by mediation you need an attorney. Your spouse will claim he is the ideal custodial parent.
    What is next is a child's rep then a 604b expert who will advise the judge what is in the child's best interest.
    Do you know a good child's rep and a good 604b ? I can tell you that a family law attorney with experience will.
    Wise up your child's life is on the line .

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  • Can i use a tempory residence while i file for an change of custody while i have tempory custody?

    I live in Kenosha WI but i have visitation and child support orders in Kane CO IL. I filed for emergency change of custody to have the child placed in my care and was granted it. I put on the paperwork my parents address whom live in Kane county...

    Michael’s Answer

    It seems that your ex is exercising "street law" on you. The reality is that you need a lawyer to give you guidance and advise. This forum is not the arbiter of any disagreements. Any anxiety you have should be directed to a flesh iand blood lawyer who can fill in the finer points of what Ms. Goldstein and others have told you.
    If you lied on the paperwork and do not live with your parents you are in trouble.

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  • Can my twins that I gave birth to be legally taken from me if they don't have my DNA?

    I gave birth to twin girls and am spliting up from their dad. We have never been married. I did invitro and used donor eggs so they have his DNA and not mine. I gave birth to them by c-section. I have had them with me 95% of the time since they...

    Michael’s Answer

    The answer is that you are the parent of those twins. DNA or not you have a contractual right based on the papers signed at the in vitriol lab. See a lawyer to enforce your rights.

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  • How do I give custody of my 16year old to my parents?

    I live out of the country and shipped my daughter who I am the only surviving off to my parents last year. She was able to attend school with my parents having temporary gauradianship. Now I am told my parents must have full gauradianship of her i...

    Michael’s Answer

    You have to appear in court at least once to affirm that you are okay with giving custody to your parents. Have your parents contact a lawyer to see if it can be done in your county with a written consent. Where is the father? He has to be given notice.

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  • Is a 'bird's nest' custody arrangement recognized as an option in IL?

    My son and his x girlfriend share a child (he has requested Springfield to send him a copy of his VAP although it has not yet arrived). How likely is it he can get joint custody of this child if his girlfriend doesn't want him to see the child. Al...

    Michael’s Answer

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    It is available if the parties agree or if a child's rep recommends that option. It is not something a judge would order unless the judge believes it is in the best interest of the child.
    Joint Custody will be a problem if the mother has a bad attitude about this type of custody.

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  • My parents put a restraining order on my boyrfreind, is there anyway he can win and not have the resraining order put on him?

    my boyfriend is 17 hes going to be 18 on july 25 and court is on july 30 i am 15 he hasent done anything to hurt me or harm me my parents dont really like him they are also mad that we ran away once and tried doing it again a second time

    Michael’s Answer

    No one here is going to help you or your boyfriend for free. Running away with some guy is so wrong ion do many levels. Your patrent's are doing this as protection for you and your lucky they didn't have your boyfriend arrested and prosecuted for statutory tape and if you two idiots crossed a star line the Mann Act.

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  • Involve in divorce proceedings since April 2009. Wife now states she is quitting job of 30k to move with boyfriend where she

    Has no job. She has paid nothing in 3 years toward children or marital debt but wants 65k, half retirement and states she has no money to pay attorneys fees or debt. Can she be made to keep her job?

    Michael’s Answer

    You need an attorney even if the wife does not have one. If she wants 1/3 of your pension you need to consult an attorney to answer the questions that are necessary to respond to your questions.
    Someone quitting a job in a divorce needs to be brought to the judge's attention. You need an attorney to petition the court on this issue.

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  • Do i give the mother of my child the court order for my sons custody hearing .She defaulted on the petition.

    we were never married. The mother and child have lived in my families home for 6 months. My son is 9 months old. This will be the first court date.

    Michael’s Answer

    What are you talking about? Did you serve the motion for custody on the mother who just happens to be living in your families home? Who defaulted the mother? You by operation of what you read on the summons or a judicial order? If the judge defaulted her ( there is no automatic default in Cook County) then why is this the first court date?
    You know the law is not to be used as a scam or a dodge.

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  • My ex husbands first wife says that they were never divorced and that means we were never married. We were married 17 years and

    She knew it .now she wants his pension

    Michael’s Answer

    You need to hire an attorney To track down the divorce. If it is in Cook County any one you hire will need the case number and the name of the parties. If it was after 1990 there is a good chance the paperwork outline will show up on the clerks computer network.
    However did your divorce give you rights to his pension ? Is the pension in payment status?
    Has the first wife hired a lawyer or how else did she contact you.

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  • I am the custodial parent, & my ex boyfriend has visitation rights. Can he ask for full custody? Parenting agreement is a draft

    My ex wants to go for either joint custody or full custody, because he just found out that my spouse has a criminal background, including coacaine felony charges, assault with force, distributing cocaine, and more &has also done jail time. He sai...

    Michael’s Answer

    You are in serious trouble. You have an ex that is very motivated and you live with 7 people in a 2 bedroom home with one of the people a felon who likes drugs.
    You need to immediately hire an attorney to defend you and to follow his advise.
    Your ex can definintely file for custody and I would rather have his case than yours.
    If a judge hears all of this your ex has an excellent chance of getting a judge to award him custody.

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