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Steven H. Fagan

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  • How can I get my driver's license back after an Illinois DUI arrest?

    When arrested for DUI in Illinois, the police officer will typically take your physical driver's license to hold as part of the bond in your case. That's not the important part - your physical driver's license issued by the State of Illinois is essentially a certificate that demo...

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  • Learn about clearing your criminal record using expungement and sealing law in Illinois.

    Clearing your criminal record in Illinois can have an enormous impact on your ability to find employment, deal with an immigration problem and much more. Your reputation is more at stake in our connected world than ever. Most misdemeanors and some felony cases are eligible for ex...

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  • What should I wear to Court in Illinois?

    Wondering what to wear to your court appearance date in Illinois, and why it matters? Dressing as if you're going for a day at the beach is not going to work. By dressing in at least semi-casual attire, you demonstrate to Court personnel such as the Judge, prosecutor and courtr...

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  • Can You Fight a Domestic Violence Allegation in Chicago?

    Domestic violence allegations are extremely serious in nature, especially if you are married or have children. Unfortunately, these types of allegations are frequently abused and should be fought if the accused wishes to protect their legal rights. There is no question that domes...

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  • Monitoring Device Driving Permit (MDDP) for DUI in Illinois

    First appearance in court If you are a DUI defendant, and have been notified of suspension because of an Illinois DUI arrest, then on the first court appearance date, the Judge will inform you of the

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  • How to Research Exupngement of Criminal Record in Illinois

    What to research For any and all arrests, not just the charges you wish to seal or expunge you will need: a) The case number, county and courthouse or branch court number; b) The charges you were fo

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  • Statutory Summary Suspension of Driver's License in Illinois after a DUI arrest.

    Notice of the Illinois Driver's License Suspension - When and How? When an Illinois driver is arrested for DUI, the arresting officer takes the physical license as full or partial bond in the crimina

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  • How to Deal with a DUI Questions in Illinois

    Play Nicely with Others Be respectful & polite. Nothing will get you arrested faster than abusing a police officer already under immense pressure to arrest you and who has no incentive at all to cut

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