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John Rayburn Velk

John Velk’s Answers

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  • Can I sue for a dog bite to my face that occurred at a local business?

    The dog was a husky and bit my face without warning and left a deep gash that required 7 stiches. They mentioned nothing to me since the accident occured and have not even offered an apology.

    John’s Answer

    Yes you can sue and you need to contact a local attorney that specializes in dog bit cases.

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  • I found a bone in my breakfast burrito this morning. What should I do?

    About six this morning I bought my breakfast at McDonalds on Golden Valley Dr and State rout 14 in Santa Clarita. While eating my breakfast burrito I found a bone about an inch long in it.

    John’s Answer

    As long as you were not injured, your only recourse is to report it to the offending McDonald's location and ask for a refund of the purchase price.

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  • My Vehicle got rear ended. Do I fill it or the guy who hit my car fill it

    I recently got the quote and the police report says we need to file MV 104 if the cost is more than a $1000. But in the MV 104 form it asks the sign of driver 1 but I am driver 2 (Victim). Should I fill it or should the guy who hit me fill it a...

    John’s Answer

    Both drivers need to fill out and file the MV 104.

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