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Ruth M Harvey

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  • My experience with Ruth Harvey

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Workers Compensation client

    I have been incredibly impressed with Ruth Harvey as my attorney in a Worker's Compensation case. I initially approached Ruth because my employer's insurance company stopped paying for my medication without notifying me. Ruth helped me dive right into his problem. She aggressively pursued the insurance company for answers (which I was not given after inquiring). Ruth worked with my doctor and constantly kept me informed. The insurance company eventually was ordered by a judge to pay for my medical treatment as well as issue me a large check. Ruth did not charge me for her extensive services (which lasted over a year), instead billing the insurance company. Even after the judge's ruling, Ruth has been in contact with me and has even spoke on my behalf voluntarily with smaller issues that have arose with the pharmacy I am using. I could not have been more impressed with the professional knowledge she exercises, paired with a personal understanding of and empathy for her clients.


    1.0 star

    Posted by a Social Security client

    DO NOT use Ruth Harvey as your Disability & or SSI attorney! She will gladly take your case but does not pursue anything on her own. If you have a waiting period before you receive a response on your application, appeal(s) etc. once that period is past YOU WILL have to call her several times to remind her that the deadline is over. If the Social Security office requires additional info or copies of documents you will hear from them long before you hear from her. Most likely you’ll have to provide the copies of documents they are requesting because she’s ‘misplaced’ them. She takes on way more cases then she should. All she does is wait it out until she can collect HER money! She shows up at hearings/court unprepared & unorganized. Once she gets her money if you have any further troubles collecting back pay you’re owed you’re on your own! I’ve been pursuing a disability case w/her as an attorney for more than 7 years. Even though I was approved & I’m owed back benefits for several years, I have not received a dime because of mistakes SHE made. She was paid. Her money & tells me I will have to deal w/any further issues on my own. Attorneys should only be allowed a certain # of cases at a time & should not get paid until their client gets paid.

    Ruth M Harvey’s response: “It is unfortunate that a past client appears to be unhappy. I always do my best to provide excellent service to every client. However, Social Security is a difficult and frustrating system. Whatever the client's perception, it is clear that we won his or her case, so no deadlines were missed and sufficient evidence was presented to support a favorable decision. No lawyer can really control how responsive (or unresponsive) SSA is or how long they take to respond. Even with help from our local Congressman, it sometimes takes years to get SSA to respond, especially to complicated back pay issues that may involve a person's current financial status, workers' compensation payments, dependent claims, or other factors that affect how much the client will receive. We always do our best to follow up - but it does happen that sometimes we need the client to take action, and the client is unable or unwilling to do so. This can mean providing personal information directly to the local SSA office, documenting payments received from other sources, etc. Many of these things I cannot do without the cooperation of the client. I urge this person to direct his/her questions directly to me so that I can help and find out what the problem is so it can be dealt with.”