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Jeremiah William Sisk

Jeremiah Sisk’s Legal Guides

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  • When to Give Notice of your Work Injury

    There are many reasons an injured worker fails to give timely notice to an employer. And the ultimate decision of whether to pursue a workers’ compensation claim against the employer rests with the in

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  • What is a QRC and How do I Go About Getting One for My Minnesota Workers' Compensation Case?

    The job of a QRC is to help the injured worker in getting them back to work with the date of injury employer either in their original job or in a new position wit

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  • Types of Minnesota Workers' Compensation Settlements

    When it comes time to attempt to negotiate a settlement for your case, a settlement can be reached in variety of ways. Each individual case is different than the next and needs to be evaluated on the facts and merits. Therefore, the settlement terms may not be the same as a relat...

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  • How to find the right Minnesota workers' compensation attorney

    Another lawyerand I recently had a conversation about how people find attorneys. He was quite surprised to hear how many people used the internet to find an attorney. He said, how can someone make such a big decision just from reading a website. I began thinking about what hesaid...

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  • Attorney Fees in Minnesota for Workers' Compensation Claim

    What can I expect to pay? Under Minnesota workers' compensation statute, the attorney only recovers fees if they recover benefits for the employee. How much can an attorney recover? The fee is limite

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  • What to Do if You Have a Work-Related Injury

    When you have a work related injury there are many things that go through your mind. What do I next? How do I get medical treatment? How will I pay my bills? Keep the following in mind when you have a work related injury. Report your injury. When you know you have a work-related ...

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