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Carolyn Agin Schmidt

Carolyn Schmidt’s Legal Guides

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  • Check Fraud in MN: Penalties and Plea Options

    What starts as a difficult financial situation or a bad decision can easily turn into a criminal conviction in Minnesota. Check fraud in Minnesota can be punishable by hefty fines and even imprisonment. Check fraud can take on many different forms, but most commonly, check fraud...

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  • What is an expungement, and do I qualify for one?

    An expungement is the sealing of all records or, in some cases, the return of records that one may have as a result of having been arrested or charged with a crime. There are three kinds of expungements under Minnesota Law: 1. Minnesota Statute Section 299C.11 provides for th...

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  • Tips to Help Avoid DUI/DWI in Minnesota

    No one appreciates being stopped by the police. Unfortunately, run-ins happen. How you act at the time you are pulled over can make a difference in your defense. First, do not answer any questions or provide any information other than your name and current address. Even if you ...

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