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  1. Can I own the IP (built while working on the side project) while working for a software company X ?

    Answered 15 days ago.

    1. Craig Andrew Redinger
    2. Bryan William Bockhop
    3. David A Owens
    4. Jeffrey Carl Brown
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    A definitive answer to your question is difficult because the circumstances of your employment and the IP you created will determine the answer. For example, if the IP you created is closely related to your work, there's an argument that but for your employment, you would not have created the IP in the first place. Other agreements may come into play as well, like any non-competition and non-disclosure agreements with your employer. I don't when or why you used a fictitious name, but that...

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  2. Out of state Copyright infringement case with multi defendants - should I hire same attorney who represents other defendants?

    Answered 1 day ago.

    1. Kenneth Nelson Caldwell
    2. Craig Andrew Redinger
    3. Floyd Edwin Ivey
    4. Anthony Michael Lawhon
    5. Frank A. Natoli
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    Generally speaking, it may be in your best interest (and less expensive) to hire an attorney in the jurisdiction of the lawsuit. If not, you may have to hire two attorneys - your out-of-state attorney and a local attorney if the jurisdiction does not allow your out-of-state attorney to appear without local counsel. Also, I generally recommend that you have your own attorney to at least monitor the case and advise you in the event a cross-claim arises between the defendants. Unless all...

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  3. Are the photographs my property?

    Answered 15 days ago.

    1. Michael J. Thomas
    2. Frank A. Natoli
    3. Maurice N Ross
    4. David A Owens
    5. Jeffrey Carl Brown
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    You are the author and owner of the copyrights in the photographs you took absent an agreement to the contrary (typically an assignment of rights). You might consider registering the photographs with the Copyright Office before sending a cease and desist letter, but you certainly can demand payment.

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  4. Would commercial use of professional sports statistics of players and/or teams be infringement?

    Answered 4 months ago.

    1. Pamela Koslyn
    2. Michael J. Thomas
    3. Ivan Jose Parron
    4. Jeffrey Carl Brown
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    Great question, and a complicated answer. Developing sports card or tradeable sports cards may infringe the player's right to publicity under copyright or unfair competition laws. As for stats, be careful of what you assume is public, especially in this digital age.

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