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  1. I need the all the checklist for applying to the green card for my mom

    Answered almost 4 years ago.

    1. Caroline Elizabeth Ostrom
    2. J Charles Ferrari
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    Thank you for your inquiry. Please know that on 7/12, Ostrom Law Office is upgrading its network, and I will have limited access to e-mail. If your matter is time sensitive, please call me at: 612-501-4320. Otherwise, I look forward to responding on 7/13. Sincerely, Caroline Caroline Ostrom Ostrom Law Office 3212 Hennepin Avenue South, #202 Minneapolis, MN 55408

  2. E-file I140, I907? or I140,I906 & I485 by mail.

    Answered about 5 years ago.

    1. Caroline Elizabeth Ostrom
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    You can file the I-140 and I-907 forms together. Whether or not you can also file the I-485 depends on whether or not your priority date is current. Your priority date is the date that your PERM application was filed. The Department of State puts out a Visa Bulletin each month, which lists the priority dates that are current by employment category and your country of chargeability, which is generally your country of birth. Whether or not it makes sense to spend the extra $1000 in filing...