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  1. Minnesota Evictions: Landlord-Favorable Fee Provisions

    Written by attorney Matthew Schaap, 12 months ago.

    More often than not, landlord-drafted leases contain provisions that allow landlords to collect attorneys’ fees if a tenant breaches a lease. These fee clauses are sometimes one-sided, favoring only t

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  2. Minnesota Evictions: After the Eviction

    Written by attorney Matthew Schaap, 12 months ago.

    Tenants do not always clean up after themselves when they leave the property. At times, they will vacate the property and leave behind a significant mess for the landlord to clean up. When this occurs

  3. Minnesota Evictions: The Eviction Process

    Written by attorney Matthew Schaap, 12 months ago.

    The eviction or “unlawful detainer,” (as it is referred to by judges, court administrators and lawyers who know what they’re talking about) is a summary proceeding that remains a mystery to many peopl

  4. Minnesota Depositions: General Tools for a MN Deposition

    Written by attorney Matthew Schaap, over 2 years ago.

    THE DEPOSITION NOTICE A party wishing to take a deposition must provide a written notice outlining the request. A Notice of Taking Deposition is a formal document that states the date, time and location of the deposition. The Notice of Taking Deposition also identifies the person...