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  1. Minnesota Evictions: Landlord-Favorable Fee Provisions

    Written by attorney Matthew Schaap, 8 months ago.

    More often than not, landlord-drafted leases contain provisions that allow landlords to collect attorneys’ fees if a tenant breaches a lease. These fee clauses are sometimes one-sided, favoring only t

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  2. Minnesota Evictions: After the Eviction

    Written by attorney Matthew Schaap, 8 months ago.

    Tenants do not always clean up after themselves when they leave the property. At times, they will vacate the property and leave behind a significant mess for the landlord to clean up. When this occurs

  3. Minnesota Evictions: The Eviction Process

    Written by attorney Matthew Schaap, 8 months ago.

    The eviction or “unlawful detainer,” (as it is referred to by judges, court administrators and lawyers who know what they’re talking about) is a summary proceeding that remains a mystery to many peopl

  4. Minnesota Depositions: General Tools for a MN Deposition

    Written by attorney Matthew Schaap, over 2 years ago.

    THE DEPOSITION NOTICE A party wishing to take a deposition must provide a written notice outlining the request. A Notice of Taking Deposition is a formal document that states the date, time and location of the deposition. The Notice of Taking Deposition also identifies the person...