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  1. Divorce Mediation

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    Most importantly, you call the shots! You do what you want to do in the mediation. Since mediation is entirely voluntary, you can always walk out if for any reason it's not meeting your needs. So do not defer to the mediator. He or she is not and should not act like an authority figure. Use the mediation to say to your ex exactly what you want to say, ask him exactly what you want to ask, and make your own decisions about everything, including how long you participate in the mediation, and...

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  2. Family Court Mediation Advice?

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    I totally understand your desire not to have to endure more mudslinging. Rest assured that in mediation, there's no risk that the mediator will believe what your ex says or use it against you. And enduring some of it might be very helpful. If possible, you might want to take the opportunity, difficult though it might be, to fully hear out your ex, and say something to the effect of "I understand that you feel that way. I apologize for any way I've contributed to our unpleasant situation....

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  3. What time-frame do I have to notify my ex of upcoming mediation?

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    Is it already scheduled? Why not immediately?

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