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Jonathon Lee Farnsworth

Jonathon Farnsworth’s Legal Guides

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  • Six Steps for Landlords to Maximize Eviction and Collection Efforts

    Promptly Respond to Tenant Delinquencies. Landlords who take prompt action in sending default notices and commencing eviction actions will maximize their opportunity to recover tenant debts. Prompt

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  • Avoid Five Common Mistakes Made By Residential Landlords

    Failure To Have A Written Lease Some landlords rent properties based solely on an oral agreement. Since laws are commonly written in favor of tenants, it is imperative for landlords to have a writte

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  • Ten Common Landlord Mistakes: Effectively Dealing With Tenant Delinquencies And Eviction Proceedings

    Mistake 1: Dillydallying Landlords often allow tenant delinquencies to languish, hoping the tenant will eventually find the goodwill to bring their account current; however, landlord who delay sendin

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