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Deanne M. Koll

Deanne Koll’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by LD

    Excellent Family Attorney

    Deanne is an outstanding attorney who is knowledgeable and trustworthy. She has an excellent reputation in the community. She always had time for me and my case. I never felt rushed or that she was ever too busy to take care of my concerns. She has excellent communications skills and kept me informed. Some of the more complicated legal proceeding were clearing explained so I didn't have any surprises. She was always professional but equally warm and approachable and I was always treated with both kindness and respect.

    There were times when my spouse and my spouse's attorneys were stalling and dragging their feet. Deanne diligently worked to keep the case moving forward. She didn't get caught up the in the legal baiting or antics because that was not in my best interest. My best interest was to keep the focus where it needed to be and the legal proceedings moving. This was greatly beneficial to me for several reasons. First it kept the legal costs down. Second, it kept us in control of a situation that could have gotten out of hand and dragged on. Finally, the focus ultimately benefited me and my interests in court because it clearly showed we were not playing games. The court could clearly see that we had consistently moved forward and we were not the ones causing the delays and stalling.

    When we were in court I felt that Deanne was 100 percent focused on my best interests. She handled the court proceeds with great professionalism. I felt that she was truly respected by the other legal professionals. When I did have to go to court, I felt as comfortable as anyone could possibly feel. Going to court can be very intimidating but I never felt intimidated because I knew that Deanne was there for me. This was very important to me. I was in court with Deanne several times and she consistently did an outstanding job.

    Additionally, since there were children involved in my divorce case and legal proceeding, I felt Deanne showed genuine concern and sensitivity for them as well. She offered legal guidance and made sure that I did everything I needed to do to see that parenting issues, custody and concerns for the children were properly addressed. Also she was very diligent in seeking fair and reasonable child support according to legal standards as well as seeing that the children's needs regarding custody and visitation were met.

    I would definitely go to Deanne for legal help in the future. If I had to go to court again I would want her on my side, looking out for my interests. I would highly recommend her to someone who needs quality family legal advise and assistance. I would also recommend her to someone who wants an attorney who will treat them well and communicate with them effectively.