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Francis M. Doherty

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  • I was hit by a driver who was driving a car owned and insured by her boyfriend. Who pays for my injuries.

    I was hit head on by a woman who lost control of the car and hit me head on. The car she was driving was owned and insured by her boyfriend. I was seriously injured and my bills are over $40,000 also my car is totaled. Who will compensate me for m...

    Francis’s Answer

    Generally, the policy on the vehicle would be the primary policy. Her personal auto policy might also come into play if your damages exceed the limits on the vehicle. Assuming she lost control of the through negligence, she would be responsible for your damages. The owner of the car may also be liable to you if Maryland law holds the owner of the vehicle liable for all damages caused by the use of the vehicle or if the loss of control of the vehicle was caused by negligent maintenance of the car. These questions will likely need to be answered applying Maryland law.

    As I am only licensed in WI and MN, I recommend you contact a personal injury attorney practicing in Maryland to advise you further.

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