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Timothy P. Crawford

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  1. What are the problems in giving my son my house?

    Answered 8 months ago.

    1. Edward Fossum Hooper
    2. Daniel J. Krause
    3. Steven M Zelinger
    4. Timothy P. Crawford
    5. Robert C. Daly Jr.
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    There are many problems with giving your house to your child. You lose control. Your child can no longer sell the house Tax free. You make yourself in eligible for welfare. You may have to pay your own way in a nursing home. You can call our office and set up a free phone conference to discuss this issue we have three Milwaukee offices and one in Racine we can be reached at 262-634-6659

  2. If I give my brother power of Attorney will the court automatically choose him as guardian

    Answered almost 3 years ago.

    1. Peter M. Navis
    2. Nick Passe
    3. Timothy P. Crawford
    4. Timothy Edward Kalamaros
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    the prior ansers are correct. muchof this is controlled by state law. not alol powers of attorney are alike. it isv verfy important that you do not use a form. you want to evaluate the credentilas of the loawyer that is preparing the power of attorrney. i haved 4 offices in the milwaukee area to help you. you can simply all my staff 1-262-634-6659 and they can gather the info needed to put a financial power of attorney together for you. I wish you well.