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  • Can You Remove Your Spouse from Insurance Before a Divorce?

    When you file for divorce, you want to begin the process of separation as much as possible. You open your own bank accounts, cancel joint credit cards, maybe even move out. A question that often comes up is whether you can remove your spouse from insurance policies before or duri...

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  • Can You Travel With Your Child Out Of State in a Divorce?

    If you are fortunate to be able to take your child on a vacation during a divorce, do you need permission from the other parent? What about after the divorce? The short answer is that, in Wisconsin,you can take your child out of state on vacation without permission from the other...

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  • Moving Out Due to Divorce in Wisconsin

    Generally, in Wisconsin, the court will not order someone to move out of the marital residence during the pendency of a divorce unless there is domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse or some other unusual circumstance. Many people, however, move out voluntarily. There are conse...

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  • Can You Obtain Cell Phone Records or Text Messages in a Divorce in Wisconsin?

    When people suspect that their spouse is cheating, they often ask if we can obtain their cell phone records to prove it. If you are looking for documentation regarding telephone calls, this is readily available via subpoena but meaningless. A phone call proves nothing. However, ...

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  • Can Your Child Decide Who to Live With in Wisconsin?

    Many parents want to know if their child can decide who they want to live with in a divorce or in a placement dispute. Or, they ask at what age a child can decide who they want to live with. In Wisconsin, the answer to that question is that children can never make the decision as...

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  • Terminating Parental Rights in Wisconsin

    As a divorce attorney, I have been asked many times by clients if they can terminate the parental rights of the other parent. I have also been asked by a parent whether they can voluntarily terminate his or her parental rights. Usually, this question is posed out of frustration o...

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  • How to Prepare for a Divorce

    We tell our clients that a little pre-divorce planning goes a long way. Here are some of the steps you can take to prepare for a divorce and possibly save yourself time, stress, money and attorneys fees. Gather all of the relevant financial documentation that you can. Documents ...

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  • Should You File for Divorce?

    Whether to file for divorce is one of the most difficult decisions you could ever face. There are no easy answers. If you are asking yourself this question, your marriage is probably already in serious trouble.

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