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  1. Ho do we get our three year old back, that has been in our home for over 2 years? we where supposed to adopt him,didnt happen!!!

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    You will need to set up a consultation with a Milwaukee attorney who concentrates in this area. Few of them do. Atty. Stephanie Renee Benske at Brazil Thelen & Benske SC knows adoption law and I have confidence in her ability to point you in the right direction. Her address is: 3821 S Howell Ave Milwaukee, WI 53207-3840 Contact her at: Phone: (414) 744-2757 Fax: (414) 744-2738 Email: Warmest regards, Atty. Ernesto Romero

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  2. My name is Rachel Reed and

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    It appears that your case may be a Children's Court type of case. Your main job right now is to write down a brief, but fact-filled parental history to assit your attorney in fighting for what is in your child's best future interests. The history should be as detailed as possible. There are sample ones online. Please contact my office if you have any other questions.

  3. Before marriage my wife owned her house i moved into her house i made big investment in remodeling the house im i intitle to any

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    Marriage in Wisconsin is seen as an economic partnership. It is an equitable distribution partnership. The house is divisible marital property under Chapter 767, Wis. Stats. The fact is that you "made a big investment" in remodeling the house. Under normal conditions, it should have appreciated the home's value. You should be entitled to recoup money from the partnership including a share of the equity depending on the intent of any agreements you may have had. You need to consult with a...