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Theodore Perlick Molinari

Theodore Perlick Molinari’s Legal Guides

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  • How to Keep the Police Out of Your Home

    Answer the Door Obviously, if your doorbell rings, you will go see who is there. If you see officers or detectives with badges, ask why they are there. Avoid Making a Statement Officers will have que

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  • What to Do if You Have Been Charged with OWI

    Call An Attorney This is the easiest way to make sure you do everything to give yourself every opportunity to win your case. Always make sure you call an attorney who handles OWI cases regularly. Req

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  • What to Do if You are Having a Party and the Police Arrive

    Quiet the Party Down When the police knock on your door, you must quiet everyone down so that the police cannot determine how many people are there. If they feel it is a large gathering, and they sus

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  • What to Do if You are Being Pulled Over After Drinking

    Do Not Drink Excessively and Drive This may seem like a simple and obvious piece of advice, but it is amazing how many people think they can drive home when they are clearly intoxicated. Barring egre

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  • How to Respond to Police Questioning

    Cooperate If the officers tell you that you are under arrest, do not fight. This will only add to your problems. Simply go with them and follow their instructions. You do not want to make them upset

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