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  • Hiring a tax attorney in Seattle to handle tax evasion matter, self employed person has not paid income tax for 20 years

    Asked by a user in Seattle, WA - over 6 years ago.

    I too will echo the earlier answers. It is important that the this problem is solved correctly or the consequences (criminal prosecution) could be severe. I'll add that a possible option for your...

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  • IRS levy

    Asked by a user in Los Angeles, CA - over 6 years ago.

    With respect to the question of the IRS coming after you for your ex husband's tax debt, unfortunately, the fact that he agreed to pay the tax in the marital settlement agreement will not be binding...

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  • Filing joint tax while divorcing

    Asked by a user in Troy, MI - over 6 years ago.

    Yes. Your marital status is determined as of the close of December 31 of any given year. If you are married at that time, you and your spouse (even if estranged) can file a joint tax return. While...