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John Leonard Maier Jr.

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    CONDO ASSOCIATIONS WEIGH THE PROS AND CONS OF ADOPTING NO-LEASE RESTRICTIONS In todays tough economic times, the debate between those who want condo units to be available for rental, and those who want to eliminate rental units, will likely be mistaken for an argument between Pa...

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    The Wisconsin Supreme Court has recently ruled that unless a Condominium Declaration explicitly creates a right of unit owners to lease their units restrictions on the ability of owners to rent their units may be enacted through the adoption of By-Laws. These restrictions, accord...

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  • Veteran Benefits

    My dad is a veteran of WWII and Im very proud of him. He joined the Navy in 1941 right after Pearl Harbor; he was a machinist mate first class. Later, he volunteered for a new program; Underwater Demolition (UDT) which was an elite special-purpose force established by the US Navy...

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    [Transfer On Death Deeds Your Latest Means To Do So] Do I need a Will? is one of the most frequent questions we are asked by our clients. Historically, probate of a Will has been a very common method to pass assets to the next generation upon death. This court process, referre...

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  • 2010 Tax Relief Act: What it Means for Taxpayers

    The Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010 (2010 Tax Relief Act or Act) was signed into law on December 17, 2010, by President Obama, and provides at least some temporary guidance to taxpayers, after nearly a year of uncertainty created by...

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  • Taking Care of Your Maintenance Costs By Giving Your Roads Away?

    "Maintenance and reconstruction costs associated with the ownership, use and operation of private streets, storm water collection facilities, sanitary sewer and water well and delivery systems serving our communities are big ticket items" began Attorney John Maier, in his July 19...

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    While you may have been taking some time off to enjoy the holidays last December, your governments efforts to come up with even more fees never stopped. Beginning January 1, 2010, the State of Wisconsin has mandated all counties to collect a Farmland Preservation Rezone Conversio...

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  • Estate Planning: a Topic the Living Love to Avoid

    Imagine that youve passed to the great beyond, and youre watching a probate attorney take a big chunk of your hard-earned money away from your heirs. The outcome of your estate is in limbo as probate proceedings drag on through months of public hearings. Your children are kicking...

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  • Invasion of the "Squatters"

    This is an issue that seems to come up in various forms all too often. The latest incident involved a client of mine who had come back from vacation only to find that her neighbor had built a fence between their backyards. The fence looked nice, and the neighbor had become a cas...

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