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Elizabeth G. Rich

Elizabeth Rich’s Legal Guides

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  • Top Reasons for Having a Will if You Have Minor Children

    Ever wonder why you need a will if you want all your property to go to your children? That's what will happen with or without the will, right? Not so . . . there are important reasons to have a will

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  • Buying a House with Your (Not by Marriage) Partner in Wisconsin

    How will you take title to the property? In Wisconsin, unmarried people can hold title to real property in two ways: as joint tenants, or as tenants in common. In most cases, committed couples inte

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  • How to Check on Legal Nonconforming Use Law if Buying a Duplex

    Check the zoning ordinance. You can review it at the local municipal building, or request a copy based on your State's open records law. Usually, the ordinance specifies (i) whether 2-family dwellin

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