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  1. How much is a 5% whole body rotator cuff and torn bicep injury workmans comp case worth in the state of iowa?

    Answered 10 months ago.

    1. Dirk J. Hamel
    2. Michael R. Hoffmann
    3. Nicholas G. Pothitakis
    4. David J McAuliff
    5. Justin High
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    Mr. Hamel is correct. There is no formula for calculating the value of your injury in weeks of compensation payable. Thus, even if an average weekly wage, and rate of compensation can be calculated, no one can give you a precise dollar value of your claim. In the words of the Iowa Department of Workers' Compensation: When an injury results in a permanent disability to a part of the person that is not a scheduled member, it is referred to as an industrial disability that is compensated...

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  2. Is signing a power of attorney in a Workers Compensation case a bad idea?

    Answered 10 months ago.

    1. Stephen Laurence Hoffman
    2. Steven Adam Sigmond
    3. Jason Andrew Marker
    4. Charles Joseph Michael Candiano
    5. Richard Todd Rosenstein
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    I agree with Mr.Connell, but would add that a limited POA is also useful to avoid the delay of back and forth mailing when weekly checks are being paid. I keep a firm balance in my TA, so as not to have to wait on these smaller checks to clear before distribution, and not run the risk of a stop payment (yes, I've had a carrier do this without notice) leaving an overdraft. I've also set up overdraft protection that cascades to the TA from my firm account, then from my personal account, to be...

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  3. Can work comp judge lower my lawyer fee of 35% i signed for it was desperate for help saw most lawyers get 10 to 15%

    Answered 11 months ago.

    1. Peter Leehey
    2. Bobby L. Bollinger Jr.
    3. V. Jonas Urba
    4. Michael R. Hoffmann
    5. George Ellis Corson IV
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    All fees or claims for legal, medical, hospital and, in death cases, burial services, at the agency level in Iowa, are subject to the approval of the Iowa Workers' Compensation Commissioner. That said, I do agree with Peter on all points. If this was a disputed claim, and the attorney charging you the 35% got you this $100,000 offer, the fee will probably be approved as having been well earned. Also, I know of no one in Iowa charging 10-15% for such a case. If, on the other hand, all you were...