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David L. Carrier

David Carrier’s Legal Guides

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  • Who Needs Medicare Part D?

    I'm currently on Medicare and I'm healthy. Should I sign up for Medicare Part D?

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  • How far does the Family Medical Leave Act go?

    Caller was raised by Aunt. She's now 80 years old, lives out of state, needs me to help care for her. I don't have any vacation days left. Can the Family Medical Leave Act allow me time off from work? A big maybe...

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  • The End of Medicaid Crisis Planning?

    Medicaid crisis planning helps you spend down or otherwise protect your assets while still allowing you to qualify for Medicaid. This type of planning is essential for long-term care recipients because Medicaid won't pay for many common medical conditions. Without Medicaid crisis...

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  • Avoiding Probate is Kindergarten Stuff!

    Most estate planning is focused primarily on avoiding probate. This is a fundamental mistake that harms many seniors. The question is not whether probate should be avoided, it should be! The question is will you have anything left to probate. Here's how you refocus...

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  • Health Care Reform Bill - No Benefits for 5 Years?

    Discussion of Health Care Reform and consequences for seniors

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