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Chris Allen Houghtaling

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  • Federal charge of aggravated identity theft and recieving government funds, 5k letter and downward departure from level 16 to 13

    criminal history point of 3 , is home detention or probation available as a alternative sentence? the identity theft carries a mandatory 2 years but i read that the 5k breaks the mandatory.

    Chris’s Answer

    A 5K1.1. Motion on your behalf by the government for providing substantial assistance that is granted by the court, will relieve the court of imposing the mandatory minimum 24 month consecutive sentence for Aggravate Identity Theft . The Court will have discretion to impose a sentence consistent with the 3553 factors.

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  • My boyfriend was charged with conspiracy with armed robbey.what are the penalties?and what are the chances of it getting dismmis

    the victim is unlikely to show in court being that is was drug related. when the cops questions my boyfriend he stated that the victim described him as the guy who seemed like he didnt want to be there. But also my boyfriends already has a previou...

    Chris’s Answer

    Every case is fact specific. In Federal criminal matters the District Court is required to consult the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. The Sentencing Guidelines take into consideration the Defendant's Criminal History, and Offense Variables relating to the charged offense. Once these issues have been determined, the guidelines would provide an advisory sentencing range. provided to the District Court. A US District Court Judge has very broad discretion in determining an appropriate sentence. It is also important to consider 18 U.S.C. 3553 factors, as they have a significant impact in the Court's final ruling.
    Sentencing is often one of the most important steps in Federal Court. It is imperative that he work closely with his attorney.

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