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  • My lanolrd keeps putting off fixing out basement that floods and backs up sewage it's been 2 weeks can we break the lease?

    We signed a lease/option to buy and paid him $2600 with thinking the money went toward buying the house then he says we have to rent first for 12 months and if he decides we can buy so we're renting for $650 month and the 3rd day we see the baseme...

    Gregory’s Answer

    If this is only a Lease at this stage, and the Option to Buy (with the Seller Disclosure requirements, etc. ) was voided. it appears you are only in a landlord/tenant situation. However, a Move-in checklist should have been done, and there are remedies for health hazards that can be discussed with an attorney.

    The changing terms of the option, and the lease repair requirements need to be reviewed with an attorney. If this is a professional/ investor there may real estate broker licensing law requirements that may apply, too.

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  • I served the buyer of a land contract with forfeiture papers on 8/04/15. What is my next step?

    The buyer is over 4 months in arrears in payments.

    Gregory’s Answer

    See the Michigan Supreme Court site for forms:

    Two choices to seek recovery are available in Michigan:

    Forfeiture of a Land Contract, in the District Court, where you take the property back without accelerating the debt, OR,
    Foreclosure, in the Circuit Court, where you seek the balance of the Land Contract debt. :

    If the contract did not specify a time to cure the default, a Forfeiture can be filed 15 days after the Notice of Forfeiture.

    There is no standard language for Michigan Land Contracts, so reading the particular default provisions is necessary, preferably with a Michigan attorney advising and representing you. Some Land Contracts allow more time than the statutory 15 days for curing a default by the Buyer. Commercial land contracts may have provisions that deal with taxes and insurance that need to be considered in establishing an amount to cure the default.

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  • I sold my house for a cash offer. on the day of the closing the real estate agent was trying to find any reason to delay closing

    I sold my house for a cash offer. on the day of the closing the real estate agent was trying to find any reason to delay closing until he stated that i am not making things easy and his buyer has been trying to withdraw from the deal several times...

    Gregory’s Answer

    Another option that may or may not help is the file a complaint with:

    Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
    CSCL/Enforcement Division
    P O Box 30018
    Lansing MI 48909

    see their website at:,4601,7-154-72600_72977-359180--,00.html

    They do not intervene...only look at broker misconduct.

    More facts and a look at documents would be helpful to any attorney you consult.

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  • Am I suppose to check the box with MCL554.134(1)or(3) on a NOTICE TO QUIT?

    My tenant's lease expired September 1, 2013. She is on a month to month and I want to remodel to sell. I don't know what that mcl554 means or how to phrase why I want her out.

    Gregory’s Answer

    The Notice to Quit form has directions....a 30 day notice is needed. See the Michigan Supreme Court website for more guidance.
    If the tenant does not attorney might be needed.

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  • Does a non public record show up on a pre-employment background check in Michigan?

    I was convicted of a misdemeanor back a few months ago I was granted the HYTA status and my record was non public and would expunged at the end of my probation and I'm going to a interview where a background check is conducted will that conviction...

    Gregory’s Answer

    Non-Public records in Michigan might show up if the final order was not filed and sent to the Michigan State Police Central Records division by the Court. You need to verify that that last step was accomplished. Certain other 3rd party databases may have the information, too. See your prior attorney.

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  • My supervisor,work group leader,told all employees my confidential information,can she do that?

    She told all the coworkers why I had to leave work early one day,dont we have employee confidiantly

    Gregory’s Answer

    Generally, supervision, group leaders and executive staff have a need to know the reason for use of leave time (look at the policy manual), the exact details, especially if medical in nature, are not needed. Disclosing to others (third parties, co-workers) medical conditions gives rise to a additional issues.

    See an attorney. Employment matters require considerable investigation to arrive at a recommendation.

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  • Can I sue my sons school/ and or principle and truant officer?

    We just moved to Michigan and my thirteen year old son who has adhd and ashburger and is on medication started a new school. He is on an iep for his disorder. The school principle and truant officer held my son down and cut the hood off his hoody ...

    Gregory’s Answer

    Although an IEP or 504 Plan may incorporate actions and accommodations to be followed by the team of teachers, counselors and administrators, the public release of information is actionable. While governmental immunity may be a defense a school district might assert, there are situations where it does not apply. An individual teacher may be liable. There may be insurance and legal defense available to a teacher in that situation, Witnesses and prior actions by the school need to be investigated.

    An attorney needs to be consulted.

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  • Do I have a case that can be won with a real estate attorney?

    Purchased home 1 year ago, sellers disclosures stated no signs of water damage. Seller covered up current water damage stains. Black mold was present from this water problem in the basement which was in my climate control ducting spreading it all ...

    Gregory’s Answer

    As part of a Michigan attorney's background investigation of your situation, there is a need to examine the terms of the Purchase Agreement regarding condition of the property, "as-is" language, whether an independent inspection was done on your behalf, an experts's review of where the mold originated and spread, and whether it was possible for the Seller to have known.

    Was there an Arbitration provision in the Purchase Agreement that might limit a court remedy?

    A Seller Disclosure in Michigan is primarily to limit Broker liability; but it is not a waiver of Seller liability. The problem of "silent fraud", where the Seller says nothing, is something that also has to be evaluated, since Michigan has a line of precedent setting cases that deal with that issue and limit Seller liability.

    An attorney should be consulted. This may be costly to pursue.

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  • I was fired and my employer has sent me a letter accepting my resignation. Does this mean they are trying to say I resigned?

    I worked in a sales position and was fired along with three other co-workers due to our sales performance. I did not sign anything nor did I write a letter saying that I resign. Today I got a letter informing me that they have accepted my resignat...

    Gregory’s Answer

    See an employment lawyer soon. All employment matters are fact sensitive.

    Whether the letter was a HR "form" letter, by mistake, or actually drafted to characterize your departure as a resignation, you need to correct the record. Otherwise, unemployment benefits may be denied, if you seek them. If you were on a commission, that too should be reviewed.

    If the idea of a resignation is part of a severance offer, that should also be discussed.

    In Michigan, the presumption is "at will employment".

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  • Can m former employer sue me for taking my clients with me to start a business?

    I worked for a hair salon for 2 years. I had already had a large customer base when i went there. I recently left to start my own salon and sent letters to all my clients asking them to come to my new salon. I received a summons today, it bas...

    Gregory’s Answer

    The complaint and and a discussion of the situation with an attorney is key. There is a limited time to file an Answer with the Court, and follow other procedural requirements to preserve your rights.

    Clients who came to the salon while you were an employee may be argued to have come from the marketing efforts of the business, but business developed by you before may be something you can protect. Your situation needs to be reviewed quickly, if you had your own customers.

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