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Brian F. Garmo

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  • How to request a delay in court for a Criminal Pre Trail Conference? Also is this something I have to appear at?

    I have a pre trial conference coming up on 01/12/09 in Hopkins County, KY for ariminal charge of Receipt of Stolen Property over $300 (Vehicle). In essence I took my girlfriends car over state line. I live in IL. I have a public defender. I would ...

    Brian’s Answer

    First, you must attend the pre-trial conference. The general rule is that defendants must appear at all hearings when it is a criminal matter.

    Secondly, the general procedure to delay your court date is to request an adjournment. I recommend that your Public Defender call the Prosecutor and find out whether he or she will stipulate to an adjournment. Otherwise, I recommend that your Public Defender request an Adjournment during the first pre-trial conference (at which you must attend).

    Good luck.

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  • Possible consequences for hit and run

    I hit a parked car last night and ran. I was going to go give my insurance info to the owner today but I can't find the truck i damaged (badly). Should I still call the police and file a report even though the incident happened last night. I'm afr...

    Brian’s Answer

    In Michigan, you can criminally be charged with a misdemeanor for a hit and run. It is generally punishable by up to 93 days in jail and/or a $500 fine. In addition, additional consequences can be imposed by the secretary of state whereby your driver's license can get suspended and points can accumulate on your driving record. As a practice, you should always immediately report an accident.

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