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  • Is it legal to send money under $10,000 to another country

    To India, to a friend

    Ezra’s Answer

    Don't overlook the local laws of the country into which you hope to bring the money. That will vary from place to place.

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  • Can I get class D felony DUI reduced to misdemeanor in state of Michigan? Six years have passed, and it is impacting employment.

    My background check from state of Michigan states misdemeanor charge and conviction, but the codes state felony so I have "slipped under the radar" in terms of employment as an occupational therapist---until now. This is devastating, and I would l...

    Ezra’s Answer

    Though from another jurisdiction, Pablo is right. Once you plead guilty, there is no such thing as seeking a charging reduction.

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  • Is legal action warranted ?

    Medical supply company avoiding to fill a prescription needed for sleep. This has occurred for 11 months. No answers or helpful responses from the company. Health has been compromised by not having this prescription filled.

    Ezra’s Answer

    You have to flesh this out a bit. Why didn't you go somewhere else to get it? Generally, the law doesn't allow you to deteriorate while not taking care of things and then blame the added damage on the other guy.

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  • Can you start a small claims case while in district court?

    i have a counter claim and was wondering could i start the small claims process during this time or do i need to 1st finish up with the counterclaim... and yes some of the claim is in the civil case now...

    Ezra’s Answer

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    Your question isn't all that clear so I hope this helps. The small claims court is a division of the district court. You can not have the same issue heard in two courts, let alone in two parts of the same court. If you are litigating an issue in the district court, refiling it as small claims will only get you sanctioned for misusing court processes.

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