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  1. What can I do if a Judge denied my motion for return of personal property?

    Answered over 2 years ago.

    1. Peter L. Conway
    2. Henry S. Gornbein
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    4. Laurel Stuart-Fink
    5. Laura E. Eisenberg
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    Generally, the police will not get involved in divorce matters. I would recommend discussing the situation with your attorney to see if filing a motion for reconsideration is appropriate.

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  2. Can a judge sign a document saying that a parent has custody of their child until they graduate, even after they turn 18?

    Answered over 2 years ago.

    1. Neil M. Colman
    2. Laura E. Eisenberg
    3. Melissa J. Houghton-Heinig
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    I believe your friend's parents are misreading their divorce decree. The age of majority in the state of Michigan is 18. Once a child reaches the age of 18 they have the legal right to choose where they live. However, in the situation of a divorce, the obligation of a parent to pay child support does continue until the child graduates from high school or 19 1/2 whichever is later, so long as the child is continuing in school full time.

  3. Do I have grounds to file a harassment restraining order?

    Answered over 2 years ago.

    1. Henry S. Gornbein
    2. Daniel Seth Williams
    3. Peter L. Conway
    4. Laura E. Eisenberg
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    While it is certainly upsetting to have someone intrude on your parenting time by reporting back to your ex-wife, I do not believe this continues grounds for a Personal Protection Order, commonly known as a harassment restraining order. I would recommend speaking with an attorney to see if there are additional facts which may warrant grounds for the filing of a Personal Protection Order.