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  1. Business Emergency Legal Preparedness

    Written by attorney John Schrot, about 1 year ago.

    Don't Let a Disaster Black Out Your Business. Most companies don't survive emergencies, how about yours? The Most Relevant Law to Remember is Murphy's Law Murphy's Law is synonmous with emergency or

  2. Marital Agreements - Prenuptial Agreements and Postnuptial Agreements

    Written by attorney John Schrot, about 4 years ago.

    "I love you, now sign here." Most of us were taught the art of self-preservation at a young age, and that advice should not be abandoned once we reach adulthood and begin to make life-changing economic, social and psychological decisions. Both premarital (prenuptial) and postma...

  3. Judicial Disqualification In Michigan

    Written by attorney John Schrot, about 4 years ago.

    Michigan Court Rule 2.003 pertains to the "Disqualification of Judge." Subsection (C) thereof sets forth the grounds. Section (C)(1) is a recent addition, and it provides as follows: "The judge, based on objective and reasonable perceptions, has either (i) a serious risk of a...

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  4. Tips to Avoid Divorce

    Written by attorney John Schrot, about 4 years ago.

    TIPS TO AVOID DIVORCE Specific behaviors and attitudes proved highly destructive to marriages: 1. Possessing negative feelings Solutions: - be happy - develop deeper understanding of spouse ...

  5. Selecting a Family Law Attorney in Michigan

    Written by attorney John Schrot, almost 5 years ago.

    Your selection of a Michigan-licensed family law attorney begins with finding one with a reputation of trust, loyalty and commitment to clients. This is especially important in the context of family law. Family law is a complex and ever-changing area of the law. Your counsel's go...