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Kelly Angela Gigli

Kelly Gigli’s Client Reviews

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    Posted by a client


    My review is being released so that other potential people will think twice about choosing a lawyer. My case was many years ago, after thousands of dollars, my childs life and mine turned upside down I can now let my voice be heard. I hired this person for a custody battle, knowing she was involved with CASA I thought o great a woman on the childs side. Long story short, my witness we either not interviewed, the ones that were told me the focus was not on the interaction theyve witnessed with my child. It was more geared towards the accusations of my child father. At one point my lawyer asked me if I was afraid for the cross examination from the other attorney. I said no...why are you? She replied sheepeshly..."Well he is intimidating and firm." The opposing attorney was later suspended and involved with Nazi affiliations. ALso after research, I discovered they had worked together years ago in the same firm. My name was slandered by the one witness, whom was my childs fathers wife. Accusations of sexuality identity, of drug use, of mental illness, and slandering my family by accusations of drug abuse. Never once was this woman interjected and was allowed to continue torturing me with awful words. Long story short I was backed into a corner and she suggested I just do what my childs father wants. When asked the arrearage in child support "which has been an on going issue" the judge stated.....Miss. Gigli did not have the number and carelessly answered " I dont know judge." The judge apologized for my lawyer not doing her job and with no figure there is nothing he can do. I feel like Miss Gigli was intimidated by the opposing lawyer, perhaps from her previous work experience with him. It would have been the professional and ethical decision to inform me that there was a conflict of interest.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Bernacchi

    Underrated by AVVO

    I worked with her and was completely surprised by her knowledge, fight, and tact. She is a good person.