Dianna Cole was a guardian ad litem hired to represent my daughter. She did nothing of the sort. She met with me and my parents for less than an hour to discuss “our side of events”. She met with my daughters father several times for long periods of time (which we are STILL paying for). I was never notified of their meetings and phone calls but was charged for every one of them. That’s beside the point. She grew partial to him for some odd reason. She stood before the judge saying it would be in my daughters best interest for her to stay OVERNIGHT (she never had an overnight visit before) with her father. A little background: I hired her because I suspected drug abuse due to erratic behavior from my daughters father. My daughter would come home scared, telling me horrifying things he had said to her. My daughter had called me a few times because she couldn't find him (he left her alone - she was 5 years old at this time). There are several more stories but this review is not about him. I needed to put a stop to it; hence the guardian ad litem.

After Ms. Cole stood before the judge requesting that my daughter have overnight visits with her father, I requested for him to have a drug test. Ms. Cole proceeded by interrupting my attorney to remind the judge that my daughters father was currently on Prozac and Adderall. Does this sound like someone who is trying to protect a child? Anyway, the judge ordered him to take a drug test which he failed (SURPRISE) and had to take 3 more urine tests to follow so they could determine what type of drug was in his system. They could not determine it since he had been taking a masking agent. He was then ordered by the judge to take a hair follicle test which he failed. This was back in November 2009. It is September 2012 and he STILL does not have ANY rights to my daughter because he cannot submit a clean drug test (almost three years later). In fact, he was recently put in jail AGAIN for possession and driving with a suspended license. Great job Ms. Cole! I will never recommend her to anyone and will keep telling this story to all of my friends and friends of friends looking to hire an attorney. Ms. Cole is clearly not the right choice if you want to protect your child from neglectful druggies.