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Tamara L. Renner

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  • Do I have a case of discrimination at the work place

    For example lude comments to me about my family calling me gay and how much dick have I sucked to my cell phone

    Tamara’s Answer

    Most employers have a zero tolerance policy for this type of harassment. You could have a potential discrimination case if these events occurred at work. Have you reported this to your supervisor and/or Human Resources, and can document your report of the harassment with a copy of the email or complaint that you filed? Have you suffered any adverse treatment from your employer as a result of reporting the harassment? There a many questions that should be explored to consider your legal options.
    For example, if you have reported the harassment and your employer has not taken steps to address the behavior, or if steps were taken and the harassment continued , or you were retaliated against for having made the complaint (for example suddenly you were getting written up for things that ordinarily would not have resulted in a write-up) you may wish to consider filing a Charge of Discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). You can file this Charge on line, you may contact the EEOC via telephone, or you may file with your local Human Rights Commission.
    You may wish to consult with an attorney prior to filing a Charge to review the events that have transpired, and determine if you have undertaken all of the steps necessary regarding reporting the discrimination. If you have made no report of the discrimination, the employer cannot be liable for behavior of which it was not made aware. There are a number of actions that you could undertake short of actually filing a Charge and an attorney could review those with you.
    No one should have to work in a hostile environment such as you have described.

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  • I was fired from my job and have been denied 8 weeks plus a 25% reduction of unemployment benefits in Indiana, Should I appeal?

    My brother & I were both fired from our jobs on the same day (we worked at the same place) through a text message to me from my boss. I worked for a trucking company delivering frames, my truck was a contract hire. He fired both of us for trying...

    Tamara’s Answer

    Sorry to hear that this happened to you. Appealing the denial of unemployment benefits is often worth the effort involved in doing so. There are obviously many facts involved in this situation that would not have been considered in the initial review and determination. In an appeal, the hearing officer will hear your side of the story, and consider the facts that you present to determine if your actions breached any duties you owed to your employer.
    There are deadlines by which you must file the appeal, so you should carefully review the documentation sent to you with the determination to assure that you appeal by the stated deadline.
    You may with to consider consulting with an attorney to review all of the details of your employment and discharge, and assist you in preparing and presenting your side of the story.

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