After hiring Ben Ballou to adjudicate my mothers estate and trust I was shocked to be presented with a bill for double what he originally quoted me. Since closing the estate; I have had to go back and ask several questions regarding issues that have cropped up and every time I call or e-mail I am charged for his time. Wouldn't you think that since he charged me double to begin with, that he might be able to answer a few simple questions without charging me $100 every time? When I first hired Ben he claimed that because he had a legal assistant doing most of the "leg work" that the charges would be less than other legal firms. HA!HA!HA!
I would not trust this lawyer or firm to hold true to their assessment of the time it takes to settle an estate when they quote you a price.
By the way. . . My mothers’ estate was a fairly easy job to begin with. She had a will and most of her assets in a trust.
Go find another lawyer and another law firm!