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Jamie Allison Black

Jamie Black’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Debra

    Jamie is above and beyond. a hand holder when you need it most

    When you are going up against a malicious ex spouse, Jamie is who you need. In her first interview I was admittedly scared. She wanted every detail making it firmly known that she must have every detail. Once Jamie believes in you, she will fight for what is right. I had many questions, I needed a hand to hold along the way and she was just that. She was my "attorney angel". My ex falsified documents, found himself in contempt, lied repeatedly... and Jamie nailed it! She is amazing at helping kids have a voice when they are afraid to speak up to the other parent. Thankfully the Judge saw things just as we did...and I have sole legal and physical custody of my daughter. As a professional woman myself I have the utmost respect for Jamie Black.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Terri

    Excellent Attorney

    When I needed an attorney who specialized in child custody/support issues, I began asking around, and a friend of mine recommended Jamie Black. She told me she knew her as the OPPOSING council on a case and was sure she would do her best for me! Wow. From our first telephone conversation, I recognized why my friend placed so much confidence in her abilities. Jamie Black, Esquire knows the law. Because of her attention to detail, and thorough knowledge of the law, she was able to help me formulate a response and get a difficult case resolved BEFORE the court date. She found the win-win-win solution, and I credit this to her knowledge, professionalism, and experience with mediation. But if it had gone to court, I was confident she would prove a formidable presence in the courtroom - just what I needed especially given the emotional content of such a case. She kept me informed all along the way, clearly outlined her expectations of me as a client and what I could expect from her. Her retainer was reasonable, and she refunded the unused portion as promised at the conclusion of the case. Jamie Black did an outstanding job for me; she's an EXCELLENT attorney!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Nancy

    Glad I had her on my side

    I first met Jamie Black several years ago in a business transaction unrelated to the law profession and I was impressed with her. I recommended her to a family member who was going through a divorce and whose attorney at the time was not doing a very good job. Jamie took over her case and did an excellent job. A couple of years later I found myself in the same situation and I turned to Jamie Black, who did an excellent job for me. Since, Jamie has represented another family member in a custody battle, again she did an excellent job. We have all recommended Jamie Black to others who are in need of a good attorney.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Brennan

    Get her before the other party does!!!!

    I have recommended Jamie to many friends as a friend did for me. Jamie was their for my daughter and I through a very difficult custody case, during this case I was lied about and slandered she helped me to stay calm through it all, and we won, my daughter is still with me, safe and sound, her father now has no rights to control her life or mine. She possibly saved us, and I will forever and always be thankful to her for what she has done. Even years later she remembers who we are and certain things about my daughter that most would forget.

    I have called her even after our case was over, and she has always returned my calls and given me advice. I will continue to use Jamie for any future needs, and if I need any other law advice I will have her refer me to someone.

    She never over charged and she was able to get my ex-husband to pay most of her fees. This is who you want, and you better get her before the other party finds out about her.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Annie

    Jamie Allison Black Is an AMAZING Lawyer

    The idea of going through a divorce is intimidating. I was 23, had 2 small children, and a new job. To top things off, my now ex-husband was both emotionally and physically abusive and wanted custody of our two then small children. Personally, I was overwhelmed trying to navigate the new realm of single parenthood while at the same time protect my children from my ex-spouse.

    Jamie took the intimidation out of the divorce process for me.

    I didn't have to worry about the legal aspects of my case. Jamie explained everything to me (multiple times if needed so that I could fully understand), she forewarned me of all possible outcomes, she advised me not only what actions I should take during the divorce but also after the divorce was final, and she contacted all possible witnesses that were needed for the trial explaining the importance of their testimony. Jamie also contacted members of my ex's family to ask if they would volunteer to be supervisors if supervised visitation was awarded during our separation trial.

    Thanks to Jamie contacting those witnesses , our separation trial wasn't a 'he said, she said' but there were credible witnesses to show the environment that my children would live in if my ex were to have custody and my ex's family volunteering to supervise illustrated their own concern for my children's safety if left alone with my ex-husband. The court granted supervised visitation.

    Years later when I remarried, my ex-husband began stalking and threatening both my new husband and me. I again called Jamie for legal advice and she walked me through the process of obtaining a restraining order.

    As a former victim of domestic violence, I was so thankful to have an advocate like Jamie. Her actions took off the burden of worrying about the legal aspects of dealing with my ex-husband so that I could concentrate on the healing of my children and myself.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Nick

    The most Honest, most Prepared and Best attorney

    Jamie Black

    Compared all the other attorneys I have ever hired Jamie Black was the Best I have had or heard about- by a mile. I only wish I had found out about Jamie Black much earlier. Jamie Black help me with a custody cast. She came to court by preparing me and doing All her homework. In the pasted I received a huge bill from other attorneys but did not receive the time, attention to details or the skill I saw. It is oblivious Jamie Black is not all about money, she cares and will do her best because that is the person she is.
    I write this only because I a grateful for the work she did for me..

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jay

    Fair And Resonable Lawyer That Works With You And Is Patient And Understanding

    I found myself being sued for Divorce by my Wife lead by her Parents directions who wanted me out of her and the kids lives. She fought for my rights as a Father and Husband to where I have the kids as much as possible. Also, she was very patient with my many questions and calls and helped refine my direction during the proceedings and helped to calm my fears that occurred during. Her billing was very fair. I still use her for questions that come up from now and then and she answers them as soon as she can even though I am not a 'Current' Client. She also helped me as a Christian to possibly leave the door open for reconciliation if it is to happen by teaching me how to react to and talk with my now Ex-Wife going forward. I am glad I found her and she would help you during this nightmare time in your life.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Amanda

    Beyond thankful...

    After separating from my husband, I thought we would be the couple that would work everything out... I hired an attorney who gave me "lax" advice and I trusted my ex. Well, a few months later, I found myself in the middle of potentially losing custody of our 2 year old daughter.

    A friend recommended Jamie and I called her while I was deep on the losing end of my divorce and custody battle. She literally saved me. She dug me out of a hole so deep, I never thought I would see the light of day again!! She and John were always there when I needed someone - even to just listen to me cry.

    She only allows herself a certain number of divorce clients at a time and I quickly found out it is for her to be able to devote the time each case needs.

    I will be forever thankful for Jamie and the end of my 3+ year battle, we consider them part of our family. The atmosphere of her office is quaint and welcoming... there are no high end furniture pieces, ritzy paintings, and stuffy receptionists... it's simply a woman who is passionate about her career and the people she helps. She will always have time for you, and she will put her absolute best into your case. I hope I never need her again, but if I do, I'm glad she is on my side and not the other side!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by tammi

    Jamie black. superior !!!

    Today world is hectic and extremely busy. I was experiencing the loss of a parent and a son at the same time. Black's law office worked so hard to bring me peace and understanding of a difficult custody case. I was treated with hands on advice knowing exactly what going to happen in each step. I have total confidence in Jaime Black being highly intelligent and professional in her knowledge as a lawyer. I recommend her because she goes above and beyond in her work and personal approach. Attention to detail and keeping you informed she handles it . Rest assured your hiring one of the best lawyers with extreme integrity. !

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Linda

    One of the Best Family Law Lawyers around! Extremely effective. Hire her before your ex does!!

    I called Jamie Black over the phone about my recent and very emotionally stressing divorce. The phone was answered by John, her husband who's personality immediately made me feel comfortable. He connected me through to Jamie and even though her schedule was completely full for the next week, she understood the urgency of my situation and somehow fit me in the same day!

    Upon arriving, I was put at ease and treated like a real person, an equal. Not one of those offices where you get the whole "you're privileged to even be here" vibes. Not at all. It's very family oriented. I was even offered water and coffee, apparently this office runs on coffee! :D

    My Initial consult was very fairly priced, and I wasn't even charged extra despite the fact that I went over the usual time limit. Jamie is someone who really cares and it shows. Enough that she's willing to forego fee's for the benefit and wellbeing of a client.

    At the end of the consult I was just thinking to myself, I really hope she can take me on as a client with her schedule. Turns out she was able to. Throughout the process of what was a messy and emotional time in my life, it was reassuring to know Jamie was working hard for me. Her retainer was fair and competitive, especially considering her reputation and that several offices I had called before had recommended her. I found it odd that competition would do this but some lawyers really do have integrity, although in the minority, and they had lost cases to her and seen her performance in court for the past 10+ years.

    Jamie was able to save me alot of money through her expertise of family law in Indiana. She was able to talk the other side into settling out of court, I got the shared custody of my children that I had wanted and all with minimal emotional stress. I can't imagine how she pulled it off but I guess that's why lawyers aren't cheap.

    When I received my invoice explaining where my money went essentially I could tell she had spent more time than she was charging me for, and she never charges for a quick 5 minute phone call!

    There are few lawyers out there you can fully trust to have integrity and morals. Jamie is one of them. I would highly recommend her to anyone who want's what's just and fair. She goes the extra mile just to make sure you get what is just and fair.