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James Patrick Hanlon

James Hanlon’s client reviews

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Review James Hanlon

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gregory

    JP Hanlon was very Professional. His direct approach was exactly what I needed when answering questions on the processes from the start to finish of my ordeal. I felt that he really cared about my wife and I, and how this circumstance affected us over the course of our trying times. I am glad that he was my attorney through this most terrifying time of my life. It was by the luck of the draw he was representing me, I thank God for that!

  • JP Hanlon - Phenomenal Attorney & Terrific Person!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott

    I was indicted in a dubious, white collar criminal case by an aggressive US Attorney. My first defense attorney was unable to negotiate anything close to an acceptable outcome. A federal prison sentence and an unwarranted, excessive fine were the likely results for me.

    At that point, I retained JP as my attorney, and the trajectory of my case change dramatically.
    JP was able to negotiate an outcome that was extremely favorable to me as his client - no federal prison sentence and only modest restitution. He literally saved me from complete professional and financial ruin.

    My outcome was possible because of JP's thoroughness, persistence, strategic thinking and exceptional communication skills. First, he understood the case law and federal statutes better than the US Attorney. His knowledge created much-need negotiating leverage. Second, JP was relentless in crafting pleas that were acceptable for me. Third, he was strategic, confronting the prosecution's case from multiple perspectives, ones never considered by previous counsel. This approach generated more leverage with which to negotiate. Finally, his oral and written arguments were outstanding. This was never more apparent than at my plea and sentencing hearings. Clearly, he was prepared to argue on my behalf before the Judge. The Federal Judge even complimented me for my attorney's good work.

    JP is also kind, compassionate and personable. He relates well to his clients and easily deciphers and communicates complicated, legal issues.

    My only regret is that he was not my first attorney in this matter. Had JP been my original counselor, I believe that my indictment would have been avoided. He is an excellent attorney and an even better person.