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Gene Meadows’s client reviews

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  • No Objection

    1.0 star

    Posted by Debra

    Here is a man that is & was very educated, with PLENTY of facts to clear my daughter of a crime she did not commit. WHY HE CHOSE TO LET HER GET CONVICTED TO 67 YEARS in 5 DAYS Of A SO CALLED TRIAL ?

  • A Fighter at Heart, doesn't care to bang heads with the Judge or Prosecutor if need be.

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Dustin

    He will go to work for you and doesn't care to go to Trial whether it might be a Winning or Losing Case for that matter if your telling him to Box it up anyway, he will bang heads... I believe he has a great workload on a Consistent basis being a Court Appointed Attorney( Greater Caseload than most too ). Being so, he is very hard to get a hold of pretty much always. He does Study and Research your case pretty well as far as I could tell with my Case. And it was a Felony-1, a Felony-2, and a Felony-3 a total 24 years Max combined, so some pretty serious Criminal Charges. He will file any Motions you desire and he'll not file any Motions that need to not be filed either... So, all-in-all he is one of the better Court Appointed Attorney's that you could be stuck with as far as Court Appointed Attorney's go, Hell your chances of getting a Bad or even Horrible Court Appointed Attorney is at a good 75% - 80% chance of getting Bad or Horrible so with that being said you fare pretty damn good for real with Gene if your not paying a Good - Damn Good pricey Lawyer like Rick Nash or Rick Faulkner maybe even... So trust me, it could definately be a lot worse than Gene Meadows boy's and girl's... Something like an Aaron "Triple Time" Triplett possibly... Then all Hope is completely LOST so, stick with Gene all the way 'til the END unless something awful might occur between Gene and your current Case and you would feel better off representing yourself of course...


    4.0 stars

    Posted by PLEASED

    Gene is a great human being. I was up against a few felony charges and he got it reduced to just 1. I ony had to serve a very minimal amount of jail time - considering the circumstances i was lucky to get this but Gene fought for me. Gene being a court appointed attorney ALOT, you wouldn't expect this, it is rare in most cases ...

    If you ever get Gene as a CAA then stick with him, tell him your circumstances, establish a bond with the guy. He will go to work for you and do his best to get a postive outcome!

    The only CON i had with Gene was his lack of responding back when i telephoned him. It seemed like he was barely in and i would always reach his secretary and had to leave messages but still a big portion of the time i would not get a call back. Made me wonder there early on - but looking at the Scioto County Common Pleas Court docket i see why ... he has a VERY HEAVY case load and this is more than likely explains why he doesn't return phone calls promptly..


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christy's Family

    Gene handled my daughters case.. "We did NOT WIN" I know with all my heart, mind and soul. The only thing I can possibly say is " HE IS TOO HONEST" ! The legal system which he faces requires, lies, deceit anything JUST to WIN a case ! Its a GAME in most instances.
    I do not put any BLAME on this lawyer. He is one of the finest men I have known or got to know.
    I know he gave his all to my daughters case !
    Like a funny saying says
    " IT NOT OVER TLL THE FAT LADY " SINGS" and I am NOT singing !


  • $1,000.00 down the Drain

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Support client

    Guaranteed me that I would win my case and i lost by a land slide. I paid him a 1,000.00 for a his lesson in military law