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Craig M. Sams

Craig Sams’s Legal Guides

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  • How does a court determine child custody?

    Custody of children is the most contested issue during a divorce. Because a determination of custody is unique to each family, the court has a wide degree of discretion. Each county will have a standard parenting order within its local rules of the court. This standard order is o...

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  • What is the difference between a divorce and a dissolution?

    There are two primary ways to terminate a marriage, either through divorce proceedings or in a dissolution of marriage proceeding. The two methods have similarities: both are conducted in front of a judge or magistrate in the common pleas court of the county in which they are fil...

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  • How is child support calculated in Ohio?

    Under Ohio law, child support is calculated based on guidelines established by the Department of Job and Family Services. The court awards child support according to amount provided by the Child Support Calculation Worksheet, which is designed to ensure consistency of child suppo...

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