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Loretta Marie Helfrich

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    Many people are not familiar with a separation agreement, the role it plays in terminating a marriage and what should be included. The following is meant to be a brief overview of the use and purpose of a separation agreement in Ohio and what items it should cover.

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  • Tips for Finding a Divorce Attorney

    Selecting An Attorney ASK FAMILY AND FRIENDS FOR A REFERRAL Many times a person has dealt with an attorney for estate planning or other matters. That attorney may have an associate or an attorney in

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  • What is a Shared Parenting Plan?

    A shared parenting plan is a plan that sets forth the arrangements for the parenting of a minor child or children (children that are 18 and under and not graduated from high school) The term shared is a term that does not denote own...

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  • Dissolution vs Divorce: What's the Difference?

    The difference is in all in the filing with the court and the procedure then required. To understand the differences, lets look at the similarities. Both a divorce and a dissolution you get a final court order that: * termin...

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