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Jimmy Jay Lefton

Jimmy Lefton’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Amy

    Review of Jimmy from Amy Ashcraft, past client

    Jimmy did an excellent job on supporting my divorce case. He helped me keep costs low and was extremely supportive during the difficult divorce process. I was an odd case as I am a woman who had to pay spousal support and retained full custody of my son. Jimmy did an amazing job of keeping the support low and limiting the time that I had to pay it. He helped prove that although I was the major bread winner there was no reason for me to pay an unreasonable amount of support. I would recommend Jimmy to any of my friends and family that need legal counsel. Amy Ashcraft

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Merle

    Great support during a very difficult time

    My ex-husband and I were fortunate in that our decision to separate was mutual and amicable. However, working our way through the detailed negotiations raised complex issues, and our top priority was that we resolve them in a way that maintained our relationship and the calm environment that was helping our children adjust to the big changes that had happened in our family. Unfortunately, the first attorney I hired seemed determined to create tension and conflicts where none had existed, and I was devastated.

    As I searched for a different lawyer Jimmy Lefton was recommended to me, but after my previous experience I was understandably apprehensive. However, it only took a few minutes during our first meeting for me to be completely reassured. Jimmy is the perfect combination of professional, knowledgable, thorough, compassionate, objective and supportive. Most importantly, he truly listened to my priorities and respected them, while still ensuring that I understood every aspect of the issues we were negotiating. As an added bonus, he is a warm and friendly person, and a pleasure to work with.

    As a result of Jimmy's considerable efforts, my ex-husband and I finalized our divorce with us both feeling like we reached a fair and equitable agreement. And we are extremely grateful that Jimmy helped us maintain the amicable family relationship for our children that is so important to all of us.

    I am very happy to highly recommend Jimmy Lefton.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Matthew

    Divorce/Family Law - Look No Further than Jimmy Lefton

    I hired Jimmy Lefton upon a referral from a trusted colleague and friend. I was just starting into what I knew would be an extremely contentious divorce and wanted the best representation possible. To say I found the best person for the job in Jimmy Lefton is an understatement. Jimmy is the absolute best.

    My divorce has been described by multiple attorneys as "the worst case possible" for any divorce. The fact of the matter is that my divorce was the worst case possible - false police reports filed, false domestic violence charges filed, conspiracy to commit criminal acts, purgery, court ordered psychological evaluations that showed my spouse had severe emotional and personality disorders - pretty much the works.

    My spouse wanted full custody of our children, all of the marital and premarital property, and even my parents' trust fund. In her words, "You can have the kids every other weekend and maybe Wednesday evenings for dinner, otherwise we will just litigate." Not an easy situation to deal with when you are an exceptional parent, your kids love you to pieces, you love them more than anything in the world, and your spouse is attempting to re-write history, and attempting to take criminal legal action against you on fabricated charges.

    Jimmy kept me grounded through it all. One of his greatest attributes is staying calm, taking the emotion out of it (as much as possible), and making sure you achieve your end goals in the divorce. Although it was a difficult road, in the end, we ended up settling out of court - agreeing to exactly, to the letter, everything that I had proposed months earlier, and all fabricated criminal charges were voluntarily dropped by my spouse. Nobody involved in this case thought it would be possible to settle out of court. Everybody was sure it would be litigated.

    My ex-spouse and I are now even friends. I sometimes go over to her house and watch our kids while she's at work. All of the hate and contention and all of the miserable tension are almost all gone - which is a big benefit to both us and our children. An amazing turn of events on all accounts.

    I have found that divorce lawyers generally come in two flavors: cheerleaders and those who keep you grounded and tell you like it is, whether you want to hear it or not. Jimmy is the latter. He will tell you the realities of your divorce from the start, whether you like it or not, and do absolutely everything he can to do the right thing for you and your family. My divorce ended exactly where Jimmy told me it would months earlier.

    My divorce was "the worst case possible" and it ended in "the best case possible." Hiring Jimmy Lefton is a complete no-brainer.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Aaron

    Jimmy Jay Lefton: A phenomenal man and lawyer

    I had the need for an attorney to represent me and my daughter’s best interest when my wife left us. After a lot of internet and person to person research I decided to meet with Jimmy J. Lefton Esq. At that initial meeting we had a meeting of the minds and I made my decision to retain him as “my” attorney.

    I believe that not only did I make a good decision but I have also come to believe that I may have retained the best Attorney in the greater Cincinnati area. He always makes time for me when I need him. He takes the time to listen to me and takes the time to make sure that we are on the same page when discussing and understanding my legal needs. He is clear and focused in and about his work. Jimmy does not avoid discussing difficult decisions as he guides me through until we are on the same legal page.

    I have listened to his sound legal advice and believe things have worked great for my daughter and me. I not only have a great lawyer but I have also made a friend. If you find yourself in need of good legal advice and representation I recommend Jimmy J. Lefton Attorney at Law. He is a man of impeccable integrity and credibility.