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  1. In Ohio, if a couple wants and qualifys for Chpter 7, but husband owns a LLC with assets will court require a Chapter 13 for him

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    If you pass the means test (i.e. average income over the last 6 months is below the median family income for your household size), you will not be forced into a Ch. 13 and you will be able to file for Ch. 7 relief, notwithstanding the ownership of the LLC. The catch is that the equity value of the LLC (i.e. true value of LLC's assets less all debts of the LLC = equity value) is an asset in the personal Ch. 7 bankruptcy for which there may only be a minimum wild card exemption of $1,075. First...

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  2. Will an Ohio attorney answer this question?

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    There is no statutory deadline under either the Ohio Revised Code or the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure. Discovery is governed by Rules 26 through 37 of the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure. The rules themselves can be found on the internet through any search engine or you can paste this into your web browser. What normally happens is that after the defendant files an answer and the case becomes contested, the court will...

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  3. Hello, Im in search with help for my daughter in filing a bankruptsy, so she can try to rebuild her life debt free.

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    It would take a personal consultation to properly evaluate your daughter's situation but it sounds like her driver's license may be subject to an FRA suspension. The "FR" stands for "financial responsibility". In Ohio every one who has a driver's license must also be "financially responsible" and maintain automobile insurance in the minimum amounts required by Ohio law. If an uninsured accident occurs a civil judgment can be obtained for the damages and if the judgment is not satisfied, the...

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