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  1. Case for personal lnjury in ohio

    Answered 12 days ago.

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    As with other responders, you need to consult counsel, sooner, rather than later. If the claim is your brother's, and he is deceased, an estate will have to be opened, and an estate representative appointed to pursue the claim on behalf of his estate. If his passing was the result of the accident, wrongful death beneficiaries will have to be identified, and their losses from his passing determined. Liability does not depend on the police decision to cite, or not to cite, anyone. It is important...

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  2. My car was parked outside my house legally and a city ambulance on a service call to my neighbors totaled my car.? what happens?

    Answered 13 days ago.

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    Ohio has bestowed political subdivisions, such as your city, with certain qualified immunity. In many instances, where a city worker operating a city vehicle negligently causes personal injury or property damage, the city will be held responsible for damages, but ONLY for the damages they caused, and ONLY ones you do not have OTHER insurance to cover (health, auto, etc.). Further, emergency personnel on emergency runs MAY be granted absolute immunity from a claim, which, believe it or not, may...

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