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James Clifford Bates

James Bates’s Answers

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  • If property is deeded to an individual from a trust by a fiduciary deed, and the property is then deeded by general warranty dee

    to the Grantor and his wife, joint with right of survivorship, does the dower clause appear on the warranty deed?

    James’s Answer

    No. The dower clause would only need to appear if the spouse did not take title to the real estate and the spouse wished to release their dower interest.

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  • How do I revoke someone who has a DPOA for my Mother, and rereplace them with my sister?

    The person who currently has the DPOA, as a family we do not feel she is carrying out my Mothers wishes. This person has control over medical, and finances . As my mothers agent is not acting in her best interest. Presently the rehab/care center...

    James’s Answer

    You cannot revoke a Power of Attorney on your mother's behalf, but she is certainly able to do so if she is competent to make her own decisions. Execution of a new Durable Power of Attorney by your mother will revoke the previously executed document and name a new agent (or agents) to serve.

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