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Gino Zavarella’s Legal Guides

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  • Small Business - Close Corporations - Record Keeping - Ohio Revised Code

    Gino Zavarella Attorney and Counselor at Law 216-831-8678 Close Corporations and 1701.591 of the Ohio Revised Code Corporate Formalities.Corporate law includes any number of "corporate formalities" which must be adhered to.These formalities start with the incorporation of ...

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  • Memorializing Exempt Securities Small Business Stock Ohio

    Gino ZavarellaAttorney and Counselor at Law 216-831-8678 Memorializing Exempt Securities Law. The Ohio Revised Code, 1707.03(O) creates an exemption for the registration of securities under the Ohio Blue Sky laws.Form 3-O no longer needs to be filed and no fee is required.T...

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    Gino Zavarella Attorney and Counselor at Law Tel.(216) 831-8452Fax.(216) 831-8692 Ohio Joint and Survivorship AccountsUnder Wright v. Bloom Questions. In Wright v. Bloom, 59 Ohio St. 3d 596, the Ohio Supreme Court settled a question which had been controversial as among...

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  • Transfer on Death Deeds Ohio Revised Code - Great Estate Technique

    Transfer on Death Deeds are way of avoiding the costs and delays of Probatewith respect to real property. Who may use a Transfer on Death Deed? Any person who owns real property or an interest in real property as the sole owner or as a tenant in common. How is the interest cr...

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