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    You can sue the Navy, which is suing the government. The US government has many protections including when someone sues them. Your suit would be governed by the Federal Tort Claims Act which limits the amount of damages you could obtain. Given your case is one of dental malpractice and not one leading to death or brain damage, it is likely not worth pursuing. If you would still like to investigate the matter consult a lawyer who specializes in medical malpractice.

  2. Can I sue a county jail for denying me prescribed anti-seizure medication? And what type of lawyer should I contact?

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    You can sue the jail however you will have to prove they were negligent in failing to prescribe you the medication and that the failure to take your medication led to serious damages. Also, you should know the jail likely has immunity due to the fact they are a governmental agency. Unless the failure to prescribe medication led to brain damage or death the laws protecting governmental agencies favor them greatly. The best lawyer to consult would be a lawyer who specializes in medical...