I had never before been in legal difficulty, or wrongfully charged with anything. Initially I engaged an attorney inappropriate for me and I replaced him with with Mr.Hendricks.
Having "never" been in any kind of prior legal problem, let alone a DUI charge; I was severely upset, which is a grand understatement, having never been arrested, never spending a night in a cold jailhouse, for just under twenty four hours.
A retired professional in my field; I strongly recommend to anyone; meeting with Mr. Joseph Hendricks, for the purpose of engaging representation with any legal problems!

This defense attorney, strongly possesses in my opinion; the intellectual and legal assets, the flexibility of mind, a legal Firm where other professionals and a staff will do everything that is in their power to help Joe resolve your argument with the System.

Mr. Hendricks is relentless in obtaining every obtainable fact relevant to your circumstances. He is deeply involved in legal research, strongly versed in his knowledge of the law, and once (a former Prosecutor,) operates on an intellectual and professional level that is outstanding, in my opinion above his peers!

I prefer to keep my comments short however; anyone in need of outstanding legal criminal defense counsel, will be wise and rewarded many times meeting with Joe Hendricks.

God willing I will never have need of a defense attorney again however, Mr. Hendrick's card will never again leave my purse or home.

Having known Mr. Hendricks but a very short time Having been defended by him I recommend him without qualification. He would if needs be the first person I would address legal difficulties to!