I was very discouraged with Mrs. Lyons being appointed as a reprehensive for my case . I have had one minor charge in my life. Mrs. Lyons was appointed by the court as my attorney and if I understood the Judge correctly...he stated for me to keep in touch with Mrs. Lyons. Upon my first visit to her office I found out that she had no concern of my case and would not allow me to explain my side of the story. Her statement to me was...I don't care what you have to say and would not allow me to explain anything to her. I later left her a couple messages to call me and never received a return call from her, but I sure heard about it the next time I was in her office. I simply would have liked to been able to talk with her like two grown adults. I am not trying to bash her but I feel like she could have at the least allowed me finish a sentence without her expressing herself as being a defender with no concern for what really happen. Not all people are repeat criminals and not all people are going to sit there and lie to her about the situation they are in. I hope she reads this and finds a bit of heart to be more understanding and allow her clients to speak without interrupting them.